November 29, 2011

DPD020: Mirror Mode “Veils EP”


To round out our big 2011, we here at DPD are releasing the new Mirror Mode record, “Veils EP.” Allen Taylor (also of Kolossi) and Dan Wakefield are Mirror Mode, a new Atlanta duo, whose dreamy harmonies and art pop grooves can be found throughout their debut. As always you can download it at our bandcamp or at this mediafire.

November 15, 2011

DPD019: “New Electronic South” Compilation

new electronic southcover

Double Phantom is releasing a free downloadable compilation, focusing on Atlanta area synth pop artists. All the acts are contemporary and active in the Atlanta music scene today, and all have been involved with Double Phantom Digital in the past year and a half. The sounds here vary from dreamy pop to dark post punk, but every artist works within the electronic medium. New Electronic South is the first compilation we’ve done as a digital label, and hopefully acts as a nice snapshot of our current time and place. You can get it at this mediafire, or at the bandcamp below:

November 4, 2011

New Chambers video

and you can still get their EP for free at

October 11, 2011

DPD018: Kolossi “The Chase”


This month, we have the debut recording by new Atlanta trio Kolossi. The Chase is packed with crisp beats, melancholy vocals, and minimalist aesthetic, so it shouldn’t be any surprise to followers of DPD that this band contains members of Roman Photos. You can get it at this mediafire, or down below from the bandcamp: 


September 20, 2011

DPD017: twins “The Insider Sings “Emotionals EP”


Hey everyone! Finishing out September, we’ve got the new EP from twins, the other project of Matt from Featureless Ghost. It’s a darker spin on the synthesizer driven pop of his other project, but definitely still for fans of his more danceable work. You can listen and download at the link below:

August 30, 2011



This month, we have a brand new band debuting on Double Phantom Digital. This new Atlanta duo (that includes a member of Atlanta punk band Chandu’s) creates dark, claustrophobic, and often anthemic post punk that stands apart from Atlanta these days. You can download it free from bandcamp or from this mediafire link.


August 2, 2011

DPD015: Featureless Ghost “New Moods”


Hey everybody! Welcome back to Double Phantom Digital! This time, we have something really special: a whole album of of synth pop grooves from Atlanta favorites Featureless Ghost. The band has been busy lately recording and playing a bunch of shows, so be sure to catch them live sometime this fall. As always, you can get the album at the Bandcamp link below or from this mediafire


June 6, 2011

DPD014: Exact Index “Desire”


This month we have the new release from Atlanta’s Exact Index. A laid back collection of New Wave pop, this little record is populated by swirling synths, crisp danceable beats, and soulful vocals (even a duet!). Download at Exact Index’s bandcamp below:


May 23, 2011

DPD013: Feast of Violet “Linsen EP”


Less than a year after his first EP, Feast of Violet is back with a new collection of electronic pop groove confectionery. This time around, many of the songs feature collaborations with other artists, like Featureless Ghost, Ominous Castle, and Living Rooms. You can listen to it and download it free below:

April 14, 2011

DPD012: The Voice of Saturn “Cronus”

voice of saturn

The Voice of Saturn, aka Travis Thatcher of Judi Chicago, releases this new free single via DPD. A nod to old school acid house, there is still an undeniably modern spin to the music; you can also hear a bass wobble not dissimilar to modern dubstep.  The ep also contains a remix from Kid Pyramid, aka Ben Coleman from Judi Chicago. Download it from our bandcamp page, or from this mediafire.